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What To Know When Holding Space On Someone
Holding space is an art that you have to be patient to earn. This is the process of learning how to be present to other people’s situations. There are times when people may need you to be there for them emotionally and that is known as holding space. This case requires you to be therefore by giving other peoples time and being there to listen. this skill also requires you to be emotionally intelligent so that you cannot be consumed by other peoples feelings and emotions. This way, you must act as a therapist. Holding space requires you to be objective rather than being objective. You must try all you can to avoid making a judgement.

there are some guidelines that should help you hold space for others. You must allow your partner to express freely with your permission. This is whereby to don’t create judgment to allow the other person to share the issues freely. Validate the other persons feelings and emotions. You avoid judging based on how you react. Even when relevant, avoid making any comments or asking questions to the client. You can give ask questions when there is a break or when the session ends. This will also give you time to think. You must also avoid becoming defensive or even trying to give the solution to the situation. If you feel pressure to offer advice on a matter, avoid doing it immediately. Do not agree or disagree. You must always trust that the client or the companion that he or she has the skills to navigate about the situation and when they need the help, they will come to you.

When you are holding space for someone, there are some other elements that you must have at hand. One is that you must practice loving kindness. You must deal with an individual with compassion and avoid being aggressive with them. This will give them space to meditate of the things that you introduced to them. it will also create space where you can give the client or your partner time to think of what he or she was told and act towards the situation.

Practice deep listening. This includes you understand the situation. The listening may also include taking the matter and understanding it deeply. This will allow the client to open up and give all the issues that he or she is facing.

When you are holding space, you must ensure that you breath. This keeps you grounded. You will also stay connected to the body and for this reason, you will be able to connect with the other person. It will also allow you to lose ego and create a space where you are submissive to listen.

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