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Things You Need to Know About Painting a Motorcycle

It is wise to consider repainting your motorcycle. One has an option of DIY or outsourcing a re-painter. While outsourcing tend to increase chances of perfect results, doing it yourself tend to lower labor cost at a time when you have control of personal touches to that you need to add. You may also have so much painting your motorcycle.

Your starting point should be by creating a spray booth. It is normal for one not to be sure whether he or she has taken the right measures to make a booth and hence the need to create paint booth somewhere a paint stain will not be a big problem.

You may also need to consider setting up an oscillating fan and make sure that you place them somewhere they can blow fumes out of the space or room in question to avoid instances where you inhale too much. You may also need to make sure that you provide additional lighting by adding more bulbs and reflective materials, mirrors on the wall or aluminum sheets.

You would then need to remove the parts of the bike you need to paint and set them aside. In a case where you are new to painting, you may need to start with the tank. After every coat, you would need to sand down the surface. You would need to note that sanding tends to take some time, but it tends to be a critical step. In a case where you are not patient, you risk having an uneven surface. You would need to sand in circular motions and also remove residual dust before applying another coat.

You would need to use the filler on the sanded surface. You would need to re-sand the surface once the filler has dried. You may need another layer of body filler in a case where you are not sure that the surface is ready and sand it down again. You would need to begin by applying a coat of primer which protects your metal against moisture and effects of rusting in the long run. You would need to mix the primer in question with the right hardener.

Once the solution mixes, you can use a spray gun to apply a spray gun. You would need to allow it to dry and then repeat. You would need to lightly sand the primed surface. Wipe the surface with lightly wetted thinner and avoid using so much thinner to avoid stripping the primer. It would be critical to make sure that you wash the spray gun well before adding well mixed paint. It would be critical to use the recommended paints ratio. It would be modest to sand every layer and only avoid sanding the last one. It may be critical to consider going for a 2,000 grit sandpaper in a case where you are doing a paint job. You would need to repeat the process until the surface is ready for the final paint. After applying the last coat, you would need to let it dry. You would need to remember to apply several coats of the clear coat.

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